SCE Commercial Retrocommissioning Program

SCE’s Commercial Retrocommissioning (RCx) Program offers financial incentives to SCE commercial customers who conduct retrocommissioning projects. Retrocommissioning is a systematic process for investigating an existing building’s operations and identifying opportunities to improve occupant comfort, save energy and lower electricity bills. By addressing common but subtle operational problems, RCx can eliminate energy waste while improving the performance and increasing the life of your building’s systems.

How Does It Work?

The first step is to engage a provider of RCx services to conduct a rigorous investigation of your building’s energy-using systems. During this investigation, your RCx Provider will collect the necessary data to document the baseline operating conditions of your building, recommend RCx measures that qualify for SCE incentives and perform calculations to estimate the energy savings. After installation, the RCx Provider will return to collect data and perform calculations to verify that your building is operating more efficiently and saving energy as expected.

SCE’s RCx Program consists of seven phases that typically span 9–15 months: Project Start, RCx Investigation, Pre-Install Review, Customer Agreement, Implementation, Post-Install Review and Follow Up. To learn more about these phases, please review the program flowchart (PDF).

What You’ll Receive

There are two types of incentives available to SCE customers who participate in the RCx Program. All incentives are paid at the end of the project, after the measure installation and energy savings calculations are approved by SCE.

  • Implementation Incentive: Typical Implementation Incentive rates are $0.08/kWh, $100/kW, and $1/therm (note: therm incentive available for SoCalGas® customers only). This incentive is capped at 50% of total project implementation costs.
  • Kicker Incentive: When you submit a Program Application before the initial RCx Investigation is conducted, you can earn an additional $0.055/kWh incentive. The Kicker Incentive is not subject to the 50% implementation cost cap.

In addition to financial incentives, customers who implement RCx measures can expect increased efficiency, increased profitability (in the form of lower overhead as a result of lower energy bills) and improved operations in their facilities.

Studies show that RCx typically:

  • Saves owners up to 15% of annual energy costs
  • Has a low simple payback from energy savings, averaging 2 years or less
  • Reduces operating expenses, increases net operating income (NOI) and provides quicker returns on investment

Who Can Participate?

To be eligible for SCE’s RCx Program, you:

  • Must be an SCE customer paying the California public goods charge on your utility bill.
  • Must own or operate a commercial building that has at least 25,000 square feet of conditioned space with mechanical equipment in relatively good condition.
  • Must be committed to implementing agreed-upon RCx Program measures within 12 months of SCE’s approval of the corresponding incentive application.

Recent Program Updates

If you were familiar with the RCx Program before 2013, you’ll want to make note of the following updates:

  • The RCx Provider and the customer develop their own contract, including budget and scope of work. SCE is not involved in this process.
  • Your RCx Provider does not contract with or earn a fee from SCE. Instead, the RCx Provider interacts with SCE as a Customer’s Authorized Agent.
  • Incentives are available for all measures, regardless of simple payback.

How to Get Started

To learn more about the RCx Program, please contact your account representative or e-mail us at